How to create Eccentric Overload in Flywheel Training

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Eccentric training can be more effective than traditional training, when your goal is to gain muscle mass, strength, speed and power. In a previous article we already wrote that eccentric training and eccentric overload is often misunderstood. Once you understand that it is important to lower more weight than you can lift, you immediately understand how difficult that is.

Because how do you lower a weight that you can’t lift? That’s a serious practical problem… But not in Flywheel Training!

Concentric vs Eccentric movement, using a flywheel training device
Concentric vs Eccentric movement in flywheel training.

In the video I show you 4 ways to create eccentric overload in flywheel training, using the Kynett ONE mobile flywheel device. Check the video and read the full article I wrote at

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