The importance of energy intake in endurance sports

This video is for those of you who want to perform at an endurance event longer than say, 1,5 hour. This could be running, cycling, swimming, but also things like team sports. If you want to produce a lot of power or speed during these kind of events, you need carbohydrates. The only problem is […]

When and how much should you drink during exercise

Some claim a dehydration of 1-2% already lowers sport performance by tens of percent. But is this a scientific fact or a marketing campaign of sport drinks? In this article I will summarize some interesting quotes of Professor Ross Tucker and Mike Finch, who recently had a chat about the simple truth about exercise and […]

Nutrition is the only thing we can add to our body.

Roughly said, there are only two things we can add to our body. Air and nutrition. So if you wish to change anything about your body, say your body composition, strength or endurance, you would expect we think of adapting those two things first. Air and nutrition. Now I’m not saying (fresh) air is not important, but there are less choices to make. You consume the air that is nearby. With nutrition that is totally different […]

To what extend does alcohol effect your training progress?

You might not want to hear it, but alcohol has a negative effect on your training progress. No big news. But to what extend does alcohol effect your training progress? Good news: the take home message will not be “never drink again”. After reading this article, you will know exactly what the effect of alcohol […]

Muscles prefer chicken nuggets above exercise – the importance of protein.

If you want to grow muscles and get stronger, you need to understand the basics. About 80% of a muscle is composed of protein (water excluded). If you want to increase muscles growth and get stronger you need to somehow create extra muscle protein. Exercise alone will not do the trick. Build muscle mass with […]