Continuous lactate monitoring during cyclling

Continuous Lactate Monitors for athletes – explained

A continuous lactate monitor (CLM) enables athletes to get real time information about key performance metabolites during training. This article covers practical examples of how a CLM can be used to optimise performance. We also talk about all (soon to be available) continuous lactate monitors on the market. Lactate measurements are commonly used during performance […]

Why team sports like football should use GPS tracking

Endurance athletes of all kind of levels track their GPS data to analyze it and share it with their friends. However, when we look at team sports like football, only the elite teams use GPS data. In this article, we are going to discuss why GPS tracking is also important in amateur team sports for […]

How to create Eccentric Overload in Flywheel Training

Eccentric training can be more effective than traditional training, when your goal is to gain muscle mass, strength, speed and power. In a previous article we already wrote that eccentric training and eccentric overload is often misunderstood. Once you understand that it is important to lower more weight than you can lift, you immediately understand […]

Review HR2VP: Use your Heart Rate Monitor as a Power Meter

The HR2VP app upgrades your heart rate monitor to a power meter by using an algorithm. You can now use Zwift without having a power meter, or use it when exercising (running) with only your heart rate monitor. But does it work properly and does it add value? Read it in this review! Why convert […]

REVIEW INSCYD Power-Performance Decoder. Your virtual lab.

Why visit an expensive lab, when you can get the same results – and more – with your own smart trainer or power meter? With that question in mind, INSCYD recently launched their virtual lab: Power-Performance Decoder (PPD). Multiple professional teams like Jumbo Visma, CCC Team (Greg van Avermaet), Alpecin-Fenix (Mathieu van der Poel) already […]

Review: Kynett ONE. Flywheel training!

Get rid of your dumbbells and kettlebells, flywheel training is the next thing! Flywheel training (or inertia training) uses flywheel technology instead of weights. It is used by NASA in weightlessness space, where gravity – and therefore weight – does not work like us humans on earth would expect. That is when the yo-yo effect […]

Review: Smartpaddle. Swimming with Power!

Review Measuring power is nothing new in the world of cycling and running, but in swimming it’s still relatively new. Only recently I read more about Smartpaddle: a new piece of technology that (finally) makes it possible to measure power in swimming. Awesome! But wait.. Does swim power matter? Does it actually make sense to […]

Say Hello! to your on demand personal trainer.

In fitness we often hear about technology, data and artificial intelligence as a possible disrupter in the market. Although these terms sound interesting, it is not always easy to imagine how they look like in practice. Recently Les Mills Media CEO Jean-Michel Fournier talked about the fit-tech of the future. A fitness survey shows that […]