Velocity Based Training: 5 ways to implement it (infographic)

I assume you’ve opened this article because you heard about velocity based training before, and are now ready to put it into practice. Before we go from theory to application, allow me to quickly refresh your memory: Short summary: what is velocity based training? Before VBT training existed most training programs would say something like: […]

Resistance bands workout

Strength training with resistance bands: effective or not?

Many of us train at home these days. Therefore, the demand for easy to use and affordable equipment increased rapidly. Resistance bands or elastic bands seem to be the perfect solution for every home workout. Is that indeed the case? Read it here! Let’s start with saying almost every kind of workout is better than […]

Can strength training improve swimming performance

Becoming a better swimmer with so called “on land” exercise like weight training is not that easy. In many cases, on land performance improvements do not translate into better swimming performance. This study looked at the effect of swim specific flywheel exercises (instead of regular weight training) on strength, power and swim performance. They found […]

How to create Eccentric Overload in Flywheel Training

Eccentric training can be more effective than traditional training, when your goal is to gain muscle mass, strength, speed and power. In a previous article we already wrote that eccentric training and eccentric overload is often misunderstood. Once you understand that it is important to lower more weight than you can lift, you immediately understand […]

How to easily maintain strength, once you are strong.

Once you are strong, you will stay strong. Even if you stop exercising, you’ll only lose 1% strength per month, regardless of age. In this article we are looking at what the minimal effort is to maintain strength in times you don’t exercise (a lot). We also look at whether it matters if you are […]

Blood Flow restriction training

Introduction to Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) training

The results of Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) training during exercise are overwhelming, but how does it work? And is it safe? Read all about it in this new article! If you haven’t heard about it BFR yet, I’m sure this will change in the near future. Every week new studies are published talking about the […]

Tips to have strength and endurance.

When it comes to sports, we would all love to be strong and fast and still be a good endurance athlete. At the same time, even the best athletes are often happy when they excel in one of both. You never see a weightlifter running a fast marathon. You don’t even see a top cyclist […]

Using Velocity loss during strength training.

Velocity based training (VBT) is a game changer in strength training. It can have all kind of benefits relative to old-fashioned set and rep counting. Ideally, we would talk about the bigger picture of velocity-based training in this article. But today we will immediately dive into a practical example which you can understand without any […]

What eccentric training is (not).

Even the best coaches and athletes often make a mistake when doing eccentric training. Eccentric training is not the same as “focusing on the eccentric phase” or “increasing the time of the eccentric phase by slow movements”. Let’s start with the basics. Concentric vs Isometric vs Eccentric Concentric muscle movement Maybe you’ve heard about the […]