Everything is in motion

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Sport and exercise have a lot of positive potential for our health and joy in life. When well understood and properly put into practice, they could be used as a preventive medicine, to relax after work or as a social and competitive get-together.

Everyday new knowledge and technology is created to better understand and facilitate exercise as it should be. We think it often takes too much time before this knowledge and technology reaches us. And when it does, it is not fully understood or even misunderstood. This results in ineffective workouts, unmotivated fitness members and sport technology not reaching its full potential.

Our Motion lab will help researchers and technology developers to translate the latest sport science and sport technology. We will therefore make sure knowledge and products are used as it was originally intended, losing as little potential as possible. We promise we will dive into it until we understand it well enough, so we can explain it to you simply.

Molab, where sport science and sport technology meet. – Loek Vossen

Companies we work with:

Flywheel Training Products
Physiological Performance Analysis Software