INSCYD Power-Performance Decoder


Why visit an expensive lab, when you can get the same results – and more – with your own smart trainer or power meter?

The INSCYD Power-Performance Decoder (PPD) is built on more than a decade of field and lab tests, making the results available to you for only a fraction of the cost and effort. It is developed by renowned exercise physiologist Sebastian Weber who has been coaching cyclists and triathletes at world tour level. The test is based on the principle of “VLamax”, the maximal rate at which you can produce lactate. INSCYD measured this VLamax for years in lab and field tests using a complex protocol that involved taking blood samples. But INSCYD recently found that by leveraging advanced models built on all the data they already had it was possible to compute almost identical results when you execute just 4 maximal efforts. This insight led to the development of the PPD. Read more in the description below.



Doing the PPD will give you your anaerobic threshold, VO2max, FATmax and CARBmax. You can then use these measures to help you pace your training sessions and races. FATmax hands you the perfect intensity to maximize fat burn for efficiency and weight loss purposes. And when done frequently, PPD can help you to keep track of your fitness and assess if you are training in a way that suits your metabolic systems.

To do the test you need to have access to a bike with a power meter or a smart trainer. You can do the test either on the road or at home on your trainer. Don’t have a power meter on your bike? No worries! If you do have a stationary trainer with a power meter (or can use one at a friend’s house) you can still do the test and get a detailed overview of your fitness. And with our advanced heart rate analysis we can provide you with your heart rate zones for FATmax and CARBmax so you can still use these thresholds out on the road.

The PPD protocol consists of a series of 4 tests that should be executed over the course of maximum 3 days, but you can also choose to do them in 1 session of less than 90 minutes. The test durations are:
– 20 seconds
– 3 minutes
– 6 minutes
– 12 minutes

When you purchase the test you will be sent a detailed protocol with tips on how to make sure you get the best performance out of them. After we analyzed your results, we will schedule a 30 minute phone call with you to explain the results.

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