Running cadence, step rate and stride frequency

Running cadence: the ultimate guide (2024)

If you want to learn the facts and practical tips about running cadence, then you’ll love this up-to-date article. I’ve read over 37 scientific papers and share these insights with you. Prepare yourself for some myth busting. Continue reading or jump straight to the ideal running cadence calculator. Content menu: What is running cadence Running […]

The importance of energy intake in endurance sports

This video is for those of you who want to perform at an endurance event longer than say, 1,5 hour. This could be running, cycling, swimming, but also things like team sports. If you want to produce a lot of power or speed during these kind of events, you need carbohydrates. The only problem is […]

VLamax – Theoretical background and how it determines your FTP

Where VO2max tells you something about your endurance, VLamax is about your sprint. But there is more! Recently, there has been a lot of talk about VLamax and tests that allow you to measure it. Although the concept is actually not that difficult, most people do not know what VLamax is or how they can […]

Pro Triathlete Michiel de Wilde performs INSCYD (FatMax) test

What is my FatMax and at what intensity do I burn as much Carbohydrates as I can eat? Those are the questions professional triathlete Michiel de Wilde wanted to be answered. Today we dived into these questions by performing the INSCYD Power-Performance Decoder. Check the video and enjoy! Want to know your own values? Do […]

Burn the most fat at this exercise intensity

Do you want to know your FatMax because you want to lose weight or because you are an endurance athlete? Then read this article! Here’s how to get to know your personal FatMax training intensity (via this calculator). Don’t forget to continue reading, and learn why your FatMax could be interesting. FatMax calculator What is […]

REVIEW INSCYD Power-Performance Decoder. Your virtual lab.

Why visit an expensive lab, when you can get the same results – and more – with your own smart trainer or power meter? With that question in mind, INSCYD recently launched their virtual lab: Power-Performance Decoder (PPD). Multiple professional teams like Jumbo Visma, CCC Team (Greg van Avermaet), Alpecin-Fenix (Mathieu van der Poel) already […]

Plan your training using intensity, volume, frequency

Manipulate the intensity, volume and frequency to your personal needs and you can easily create your own training plan. In this article you will read how to do this and what the biggest mistakes are people make. The most straightforward training plan tells you something about the intensity, volume and frequency of your workouts. Let’s […]

Cycling performance drops 5% after swimming (triathlon)

A triathlon is harder than the sum of swimming, cycling and running. But how much does a 2-km swim effect your cycling performance? Can you still use your cycling power meter values and functional threshold power? Or should you throw them overboard? Let’s find out what science tells us! You might think your threshold intensity […]

How to easily track progress during warmup

Seeing your personal fitness progress is very rewarding and motivating. In this article I will explain to you a simple objective way to easily track your progress during your warming-up. You don’t need to do an all-out effort and you definitely don’t need to wait until your yearly V02max test in the lab. Let’s get […]

Tips to have strength and endurance.

When it comes to sports, we would all love to be strong and fast and still be a good endurance athlete. At the same time, even the best athletes are often happy when they excel in one of both. You never see a weightlifter running a fast marathon. You don’t even see a top cyclist […]

Why you can’t compare training zones between athletes

If you want to use training intensity to build your workout, training zones are the way to go. We used to think that my training zone 2 is as intense to me as your training zone 2 is to you. But what if this is not the case? Are training effects different too? You can […]